CoCal Has Moved!

We are happy to have a new home at 333 E 76th Avenue in Denver!

Winner of the 2013 Distinguished Service Award!

We are proud to announce that our owner Jesus 'Chuy' Medrano was just recognized by the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance (NHLA) for his dedication to the landscaping industry and utmost professional integrity.

"Chuy's keen interest in the advancement of others and long legacy of service to the industry are what made him the right man to be the NHLA's founding president," noted NHLA President Raul Berrios. "Thanks to his leadership in the infant years of the organization, we are able to forge forward as a force in the industry."

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Every day we are presented with situations in which we must consider balance. We balance our budgets, how much time our children spend on TV and video games versus spending time getting dirty outside, our caloric intake compared to what we burn, and the amount of personal or family time in relationship to our professional time. We all know that it isn’t easy to stay balanced, and with the occasional curveball thrown our way, it can be downright challenging.

The economic curveball that was thrown to our entire country a few years ago made everyone, individuals and companies alike take a hard look at our practices and recognize the good, the bad and especially the waste. At CoCal we too evaluated our company practices and services to eliminate waste and we also considered numerous ways to reduce our environmental footprint and maintain balance with the environment we all share. We are continually evaluating ways that we can partner with our customers and their businesses or communities to help them recycle, reduce and rethink how we can all help keep our lives and planet in balance. We are committed to landscape excellence, the health of our environment and our valued customers and colleagues. We intend to keep our commitment of being a vigilant steward of our environment.


As one of Colorado's award winning commercial landscape companies, we manage every aspect of landscape maintenance for a wide range of valued customers such as municipalities, retail centers, corporate campuses, metropolitan districts, healthcare facilities and homeowner associations.

Outdoor Designs

We believe everybody wins when somebody goes outside. Every space has a purpose and we want to create functional areas for your home or business that heighten senses and invite people to use them. In our quest to become better stewards of our environment, we are always seeking ways to produce beautiful...


  • ...thank you for your very generous contribution of sprinkler system supplies and labor... In-kind donations are a fantastic way to support our programs by providing much needed items to women