A Landscaper in Denver can Use Synergy for Art

“A designed beauty of synergy is that it serves only to add, never to subtract.” Synergy is when different things work together to create one outcome. Synergy for art integrates flora and fauna into the engineering of the architecture.

Landscape architecture is an art form that uses synergy. Museum gardens, for instance, can use a space adjacent to the buildings to create a quiet oasis of cultivated flowers. A landscaper in Denver can intersperse leafy garden plants for contrast, or to provide a backdrop. Benches and walking trails can be incorporated for visitors to enjoy.

A butterfly garden is a good example of synergy, since the butterflies need plants for food and shelter, and the plants need the butterflies for pollination. An xeric garden might combine desert plants, like cacti and succulents with exotic looking rock formations. A sculpture garden could contain a rose garden, or terraced flower beds.

CoCal Landscape is a well-known landscaper in Denver. They can create a synergic design using their expertise in both landscape and hardscape. Call today to discuss your garden ideas, 303-531-6901.

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