A Plan For Success

The money that you spend on creating a beautiful landscape for your commercial property may be considered a reinvestment in the future success of your business. People want to work for a company that cares enough about the surrounding environment of the business site to take an interest in its curbside appeal. Your clientele will also appreciate your efforts.

Finding a landscape company that will understand and is able to meet your wants and needs is first on the agenda. Look around, if your site is located in a business center compare the other properties in the vicinity with your own. Is there room for a major revamp or will a maintenance plan be enough for now?

If you’re having trouble imagining what your property would look like after an upgrade a landscape architect can work with you to draw up a model that will clearly illustrate the effect. He can add to or change the design according to your wishes until you are completely satisfied with the plan.

A community landscape company will be familiar with the types of flowering shrubs and foliage that does well in your specific surroundings. A representative should never try to sell you on something foreign to the natural environment that may look nice for the time being but could never withstand the changing climate or the composition of the soil. Something else to consider – if the company is local it will be easy for you to check out other clients and see for yourself how their landscapes are holding up.

Once you’ve found your landscaper make sure that you’re expectations are clearly understood. For example, if you want seasonal maintenance to be done make it understood that you want leaves raked and carried away in the fall and flower beds restored in the spring of the year. If everything is listed in writing from the beginning there can be no misunderstandings later.

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