A Plan For The Seasons

A business complex is meant to be functional. Business men and women are looking for buildings and parking areas that will provide the convenience and efficiency that appeal to prospective employees and customers. More and more property managers however, are becoming aware of the importance of an attractive landscape to offset all that concrete and add to the curb appeal of the premises.

Professionals are emphasizing the influence that color can have on a commercial landscape design. Studies have shown that people respond well to the friendly environment that a landscape can create. Employees seem to be more productive and business clients are impressed with the planning and maintenance that the property owner has displayed.

There are no limits to the options for adding a color program to your commercial landscape. A plan can lean toward the exotic or be a little more conservative according to your personal preference. A lot of clients like to recognize the seasons. A landscape designer can draw up a plan to coordinate the colors and textures of the plants and flowers with the time of the year that they will be on display.

Winter weather is not a problem. There are plenty of plants that will thrive in cold weather conditions and add a splash of color to the winter landscape. When spring has sprung your landscaper will send a crew to change up the scheme to match the ambiance of the new season.

Summer provides the perfect setting for colorful border flowers and beautifully manicured lawns. Your landscape contract will include a plan for maintaining the lush green and weed free expanse that will instantly draw the attention of the observer.

A fall landscape can be the most colorful. The various shades of golds, yellows and reds on the mature shade trees in your landscape are the star focus of the season. When those beautiful leaves lose their color and drop to the ground a maintenance crew can be on hand to rake them up and haul them off your property.

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