A Professional Design Can Determine Your Landscape

It may seem difficult to landscape a small backyard or to try to work an attractive landscape plan into a limited space, but what if you were faced with a completely different dilemma?

An extensive empty space can present all kinds of possibilities but it can also be a challenge. What will you fill it up with? What kinds of plants will complement each other? Should you break up the space into specifically different areas of design or should you try to create one continuous expanse of color and greenery? A professional landscaper can help. He can use his experience and his ability to envision how a landscape blueprint can become a reality.

Site planning has begun to adopt the idea of designing a large outdoor space as one would the interior of a home. The idea is to separate the space into “rooms” and plan an individual landscape for each one. It works by comparison. For example, a small outdoor room could be made to represent the cozy den or reading room inside the house. Your landscaper might suggest incorporating hanging plants or cascading vines into a privacy fence or a pergola.

A large space will give a landscaper the opportunity to get back to the fundamental concept of layering. Layering consists of using trees and splashy shrubbery as the back tier of a landscape then planting smaller shrubbery and grasses in the middle with a hedge or dwarf flowering shrubs in front. A groundcover or bordering flower bed can add to the color scheme.

A generous spatial allows a designer to provide his client with seasonal color no matter what the climate. As long as your landscaper is familiar with the trees and plants that are conducive to thriving in the natural environment of your locale he can be successful in creating a vibrant atmosphere that you can enjoy year round.

CoCal Landscape in Denver is purposeful in encouraging everyone to get outside and enjoy the beautiful Colorado environment that we are so lucky to live in. They work to enhance the personal space of every client whether it be modest or grand-scale. Call 303-578-4788 to share your ideas with a professional landscape designer.

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