A Residential Courtyard Can Define The Landscape Of Your Home

There is no end to the choices available to you when it comes to creating a unique courtyard atmosphere to add to the charm of your outdoor living space. Designers will however stress a couple of considerations that should be of top priority. They are scale and lighting.

Naturally you will want your new outdoor room to coincide with the existing elements of your landscape so that it will appear as a natural continuation of the original scheme of things. In order to do this your landscape designer will scale the dimensions of the new project to go well with the current surroundings.

The most appealing feature of a courtyard is that it is open to the sky both day and night. Of course the hours of natural daylight are limited and you’ll want to be able to enjoy your courtyard well after the sun has set. There are many outdoor lighting fixtures that will serve to enhance the mood of your environment well into the evening hours.

When the practical matters of apportionment and illumination have been met, let your artistic juices take over to come up with a unique plan that will result in the beautiful courtyard that you have always imagined having.

A courtyard should be a place to get away from it all, an open-air enclosure where you can enjoy peace and privacy in your own home while at the same time be surrounded by the beauty of nature. If you want to feature a focal point in your courtyard, a fountain might be just the right touch. Again you will want to consider proportion – you don’t want to overwhelm the other aspects of your courtyard, you just want to add to the overall character. There are many options to choose from no matter what kind of fountain you are looking for. Your landscape designer will be able to point out the pros and cons of each one and help you make a selection.

The design professionals at CoCal Landscape in Denver love to create one of a kind outdoor settings. Call 303-578-4788 and get them started on yours.

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