A Residential Landscaper In Denver Can Incorporate A Backyard Greenhouse

A backyard greenhouse can extend your summer growing season, and let you get a headstart in the spring. You can plant seedlings that will grow in the controlled environment, and be ready to transplant to your outdoor landscape.

Consider having a door directly from your main house into the greenhouse. That way you won’t lose greenhouse heat, and you will gain a source of insulation for your house.

A CoCal Landscape residential landscaper in Denver can design a plan that will incorporate your greenhouse addition nicely. There will be shady areas to cover and protect those plants that need it, and sunny spots to let the solar light in. The residential landscaper in Denver will be sure to provide a good view from inside so that you can admire your outdoor landscape while you work with your plants in the greenhouse.

Call CoCal and discuss your greenhouse plans, so that they can get started on a landscape plan that will complement it. call 303-578-4788.

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