A Residential Landscaper in Denver Knows How To Deal With Drought Conditions

Hot, dry weather conditions can be a problem when you’re trying to maintain a healthy, green landscape for your Denver home. There are some things you can do to get through a Summer dry spell with minimal damage to your lawn or garden.

Keep the grass a little higher than you usually would. The extra length will make roots stronger, and better able to retain water.

Do your watering in the early morning hours, rather than in the heat of the day, when the water could evaporate even before it reaches the roots.

Never apply fertilizer in the Summer. Wait for the cooler Fall months.

A residential landscaper in Denver might even suggest that you let your lawn lie idle during a particularly dry summer. It may look brown for a while, but it won’t die, and it will be green again in the Fall.

CoCal Landscape is a residential landscaper in Denver, as well as a preferred commercial landscape company. Call customer service at 303-531-6930 for advice about your lawn’s maintenance during this extremely dry time.

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