A Residential Pool Area Can Be Complemented By The Right Landscape

Having an in-ground pool of your own can be the ultimate in luxury outdoor living. But when it comes to landscaping your pool area you’ll want to choose plants and flowers that will add to the natural beauty of the rest of your landscape. At the same time remember to think about maintenance issues. You don’t want to be spending more time cleaning up around your pool than you are lounging around it. That’s where the advice of an experienced landscape designer can come in handy.

If you live in an area where the weather is warm year round you will want to have lots of greenery around your pool. Flowers only bloom for so long a time while foliage will retain its color throughout the seasons in warm weather climates. Speaking of foliage, when it comes to selecting what types of trees to plant, remember that the leaves from the ones closest to your pool are likely to drift or be blown into it. Unless you have a pool boy, you’ll have to spend the time scooping out the leaves and debris yourself. Another issue is that as the trees grow the roots may spread beneath the concrete around the pool and cause it to crack.

The chlorine in your pool’s water is not good for many types of plant life which means that you should plan your landscape design keeping a safe distance from the plants to the water.

When you’re picking out the flowers to further enhance your outdoor landscape remember that some are more likely than others to attract bees. Although insects are an important part of nature, you won’t want to have your guests swatting at bugs while trying to relax poolside.

One of the things that a landscaper will stress is to stick to what will thrive in your specific geographical zone. You can find this information online and buy your plants and shrubs accordingly. This is the best way to get the results that you are looking for from your landscape.

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