Accentuate Your landscape Design

The purpose of a focal point in landscape design is to draw the eye of the beholder to a particular section of the vista. The site of a commercial landscape may be extensive enough to afford more than one focal point. Living plants, hardscape components or objects of art could all be used. A focal point gives the landscape a sense of order without which it would just be a scattering of greenery amidst a sea of concrete.

The focal point of a commercial landscape must complement the architecture of the buildings on site, it should never overwhelm. Where there is a single moderately sized office building involved, for instance, a splash of color near the main entrance may suffice. A flowering border along either side of the walkway leading up to the door would help guide a visitor to the entryway.

On the other end of the spectrum, a sprawling complex with numerous buildings could inspire a sculpture that exemplifies the principles behind the business or a water feature that provides a respite from the hustle bustle tempo of the business world.

Safety is always a priority factor in landscape design. Proper lighting can illuminate sidewalks and parking spaces so that clients and employees alike will feel safe and secure when entering and exiting the building. Just the right kind of lighting can serve a practical purpose and create a cordial atmosphere at the same time.

Keep it neat and clean. Maintenance is a top priority when it comes to preserving an attractive landscape design. Your local landscape company should be able to offer year round services for tree trimming, lawn mowing, weeding, and snow removal. Seasonal fertilization and aeration can also be included in a service contract. Your landscaper may also suggest that the plants and flowers in the design be changed out now and then and that a new layer of mulch is put down at least once a year.

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