Add To The Ambience Of A Private Pool

Being able to enjoy having a luxury swimming pool on his own property may well be a homeowner’s dream come true. Some people consider a home pool to be some kind of status symbol or just for show while others use their pool for family fun and recreation. A poolside setting can provide the perfect atmosphere for entertaining and influencing business associates. Whatever your reason for having a private pool you will want to make it look as attractive as possible. An experienced professional landscaper can help.

Your landscaper may suggest that you go from the inside out. That is, look at the hardscape of the immediate perimeter of the pool first. It may be a simple concrete surface or a more elaborate patio area. Whichever it is and especially if you are personally in charge of maintenance matters, you will be wise to choose appropriate plantings. Don’t go for anything that will produce debris such as leaves or flower petals that are sure to land in the water. A pro will tell you that a large exotic planter filled with succulents like cactus or jade plants will serve you well as an easy care classy piece of landscape decor.

Lighting is essential and can set the tone for the entire pool and patio scene. You can get amazing ideas for lighting from your landscaping contractor. You may want to highlight the architecture of your home, or concentrate more on the design of your pool and the ambiance that surrounds it. If your landscape includes well established trees for instance, you can use them to create a twinkling starry effect.

Sound can have an effective impact on the mood you want to create. A vine covered rock waterfall can make guests feel like they’ve found a little bit of paradise right in YOUR own backyard. A tropical theme can make the party!

If you’re thinking of installing a pool be sure to include the landscape plans. Call CoCal Landscape in Denver @ 303-578-4788 for the best of ideas for any type of design.

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