Aerate For A Healthier Lawn

Mowing, fertilizing, edging and watering are all necessary in maintaining a beautiful, well manicured lawn that will serve to impress the clients and business associates that frequent your site. The employees that are so vital to the success of the business can feel a sense of pride in a workplace that is so impressive.

The condition of the soil beneath the grass is essential to its well being. Aeration is the method we use to make sure that the soil gets the nourishment that it needs to ensure healthy growth and discourage lawn thatch. The process involves making holes in the soil to let water and nutrients in to strengthen the root system. The “plugs” of dirt that are left behind will eventually decompose and re-strengthen the soil. It usually takes up to two weeks for the plugs to break up but mowing can speed things along.

Clay soil lawns and those that get a lot of traffic are prime candidates for aeration treatments. Commercial lawns in Colorado can qualify on both counts. When the soil becomes compacted it must be broken up in order to receive the food and water that it needs to thrive. Our cool season grasses are more receptive to renovation in the fall of the year.

Long-term benefits of aeration include a lower susceptibility to disease, less tendency toward water runoff and building up a tolerance for drought conditions. The best news is that there are no harmful side effects associated with the treatment.

Year round lawn maintenance services from Co-Cal Landscape include fall raking, fertilization if needed, and controlled mowing to prevent winter snow mold. Talk to a representative from Co-Cal about any specific concerns that you may have. If you are new to the Denver area and would like to be the envy of the other property managers in your business district come spring, call Co-Cal Landscape today @ 303-531-6901.

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