As One Of The Green Landscape Companies In Denver, CoCal Is Concerned With Water Management

Xeriscape was first the concept of the Front Range Task Force, right here in Colorado. It was conceived as a method for green landscape companies in Denver to create beautiful outdoor spaces for homes, and businesses, while conserving the water supply.

CoCal Landscape uses xeriscape in their designs. There are zones that green landscape companies in Denver look for in every landscape area. CoCal will determine, 1. your “oasis,” the place in your landscape that provides the most shade. Bright colored, taller growing plants will go here. 2. The “transition” area is moderate, perfect for shrubs, and greenery. And finally, the “Arid” zone – a low traffic space with the most exposure to the sun. Ground covers, and low growing plants that need the least amount of water, will thrive here.

The landscapers at CoCal will also do an analysis, to determine the type of soil they’ll be dealing with, and if nutrients may be needed. They will finish off your landscape plan using mulch for weed, and insect control. Mulch is also an excellent moisture retainer.

Call CoCal today, and learn more about xeriscape: 303-578-4788.

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