Be Inspired To Create A Unique Outdoor Home Environment

A “hardscape” can be made to blend in with the elements of your landscape. If you’re not familiar with the term a hardscape is composed of inanimate objects like fountains, or decorative retaining walls, or even an entire room.

A landscaping decorator will tell you that planning is essential. Consider the entire breadth of the space you want to enhance. Every hardscape piece should in some way seem natural to the rest of the environment. If there is a pond already present in the landscape you may choose to complement it with a small waterfall. Or, if you’re using rock be sure not to overshadow the natural look of the landscape – make it look like the rocks came first.

You can find inspiration just by looking around your neighborhood or better yet take a trip to the country – or the mountains! You may be surprised at how a naturescape can motivate you to imitate it, you may even be lucky enough to stumble upon a stone or a piece of wood that would make a perfect addition to your hardscape. Take it home and make it a part of your own scheme.

Unless your climate discourages it, keep the greenery. Too much hardscaping can make an outdoor space look blah – keep it bright with blooming vines or colorful shrubbery. A nice stretch of grass can be a welcome respite from the concrete and stone components.

You can economize without losing quality. If your budget is limited, phase down. A landscape architect can advise you on how to use your money to buy the best you can afford instead of spreading it too thinly just to have more.

Professional landscapers think of a hardscape as the backbone for the entire design. That is why they take so much care in creating a solid foundation for its support. The experts at Co-Cal Landscape in Denver, CO will make sure that your hardscape and your plant life will thrive and add to the aesthetic value of your home for many years to come. Call 303-578-4788 for an evaluation of your outdoor living area.

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