Begin With The Basics Of Your Landscape Plan

Spring is the time of year to start thinking of the color that your landscape will be producing soon and in the summer months to come. Whether for your home garden, or as part of your business site, use color to set off the other elements of your landscape design.

Your first consideration however, should be the type of soil that you will be working with. A soil analysis you will tell you about the texture of the soil and the nutrient content. Then you will know what types of plants are most likely to thrive in that soil. It is wiser to use plants that are apt to do well in a natural environment than to try to modify the soil to suit the plants. You could spend a lot of time and money and still not achieve the results that you’re looking for. Observe the terrain of your landscape and note any drainage issues that will need to be dealt with, keeping in mind that water should be directed away from a house or office building.

Climate is a factor that you should pay attention to. Some plants can withstand extreme changes in temperature, while others only do well in dry or wet soil. There may be microclimates within the habitat. They would be the areas that provide full or partial shade, or sun. Bear in mind that the amount of sun or shade that these certain sections allow for is seasonal, and will eventually change as trees grow taller.

The United States Department of Agriculture has made up a Plant Hardiness Zone map that can be helpful when you are trying to choose the plants that are most adaptable to your particular geographical location. Find it on the website @

A professional landscaping company will draw up a sitemap of your property before any planting begins. This is important to be sure you keep from digging too close to underground power lines or septic systems, for instance.

CoCal Landscaping in Denver can design a landscape plan that can be brought to life for your enjoyment. Call 303-578-4788 to consult with them.

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