Our Sustainability Program Makes Us One of the Best Landscapers in Denver

In 2011 CoCal planted enough trees and sod to offset over 500,000 pounds of emissions. This is equivalent to emissions from nearly 6,000 cars driven 12,000 miles each. We will continue to plant beautiful oxygen producing, CO2 absorbing greenery throughout the Front Range and intend to ultimately become a net zero environmental impact company.

In 2012 we decided to take a more active approach to becoming a greener company and we think you will be interested to hear about some of the strides we’ve made. We replaced 102 gas mowers with 84 propane-powered units. These mowers use about 30% less fuel than gas mowers and can reduce emissions by up to 50%.

Our sustainability in Landscaping is based upon an exceptional set of design standards those maximize the potential in our every plan. We have changed four different aspects of our company to make sure that we are environmentally friendly. We have reduced the harmful equipment that we use and we have to build a composting program. Our composting program returns the landscaping debris back into the environment in a way that is healthy for the environment. When we establish an outdoor design for a company we make sure to recycle old concrete. We want to make sure that we minimize our footprint on the environment. Our team makes sure to live by what we preach by being eco-friendly at work and while we are at home.

When CoCal provides any of your services, you too are acting as an environmental steward by demonstrating your support of a company who cares. The combined steps we’ve taken result in a big leap toward achieving our goal.

Check in with us on Facebook for regular updates and to see our progress to becoming even greener yet! We are constantly researching new ways that we can help the environment.