As fuel prices have continued to rise, there are more hybrid vehicles on the roads and companies have started using them as part of their marketing strategy. CoCal discovered that we can make a more significant reduction in emissions with our mowing equipment, which is running six or more hours a day. The emission output from one hour of mowing is roughly equivalent to that of driving a car 350 miles!

We are proud to announce that we have taken a big step toward protecting our environment. This winter we sold 102 of our gas-powered mowers and leased 84 new propane powered John Deere mowers. This reduces our greenhouse gas emissions produced from mowing by approximately 50%. In addition, the majority of our propane fuel is produced locally within a 100-mile radius of Denver, so we are supporting our local economy by using a “homegrown” product. We are currently testing a few pieces of battery powered hand-held equipment too. These are relatively new in the market for commercial use and we expect to see significant technological advances in hand-held equipment over the next year. We are looking ahead to an even greener future.