Care For Your Living Tree After The Holidays

If you have enjoyed a living christmas tree over the holiday you’ll want to make sure that it continues to thrive. In order to make that happen you may need to consult a professional who will know how to properly transplant the tree and where in your landscape it might thrive.

The first phase of the transplant will be to re-acclimate the tree to the outdoor environment. Move it from your home to a porch or carport where it can get used to the fresh air but still be protected from harsh weather. This should be done sooner rather than later – don’t wait for spring to arrive.

Your tree will have continued to grow while it was decorated, so make sure that you plant it in a place where it will have plenty of room to continue that growth. Pick a place where rainwater will fall off naturally and the tree will have full sun exposure.

Your tree will have come with a ball of dirt surrounding its root. A professional landscape crew will know to dig a hole deep enough for the balled root to fit into and at least three times as wide. If the soil is rich and the runoff adequate there should be no need for added fertilization. The burlap that was used to hold the dirt around the root together will be removed before planting to keep any rampant roots from cutting into the trunk of the tree.

Once the tree has been placed into the hole the planters will start to refill it with the original soil. They will work the soil in by layers packing it down as they go and finish up by watering the tree to further establish the soil, and applying a two or three inch thickness of mulch for good measure. You will need to keep the mulch intact and continue to water the tree throughout the winter.

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