CoCal Landscape is an all-inclusive commercial landscape company with offices in Denver and Longmont, Colorado. We offer careers in the industry ranging from general labor to management. We are very proud that 10% of our work force has been employed with CoCal for ten or more years. We have strong training and safety programs and also offer an extensive internship program that exemplifies the passion and commitment that exists within our industry.

CoCal utilizes a government program (H2B Visas) that allows us to contract workers from other countries for temporary, seasonal employment. We have been participating in this program for five years and the returning workers in the program strengthen and provide continuity within our work force. Our staffing fluctuates from 150 to 350 employees, depending on the seasonal conditions.

Jesus (Chuy) Medrano, co-founder and owner of CoCal, is currently president of the newly formed National Hispanic Landscape Alliance (NHLA). This is an alliance of companies dedicated to advancing the voice of the Hispanic community on a national level, focusing on the green industry and the core employee base that so strongly supports us.