CoCal Landscape has an aggressive internship program that offers students an opportunity to experience a variety of roles in the commercial landscape business. Your internship can be tailored to accommodate your goals and interests, from irrigation audits to estimating, sales to installation, to overall landscape management.

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Fulfilling my internship opportunity with CoCal was one of the best decisions I could have made during my academic career. Traveling across country and living independently is a worthwhile experience for any college student. My internship was rotation based allowing me to work in all departments of the company. I loved trying each position because I learned what I need to focus on during the rest of school and figure out where my niche in the industry might be. The information I learned and experiences I had really are irreplaceable and I feel as if this was the opportunity of a lifetime!

Jamie, Summer of 2012
Penn State University

My Internship with CoCal was an amazing opportunity. Everyone who worked for CoCal was willing to show me their tricks of the trade. They challenged me to do my best and step outside of my comfort zone. When problems arise they showed me how to handle them. I learned more in one summer at CoCal then I have in the couple years have been at school. There are something’s you just cannot learn from reading a text book and CoCal Understands that and strives to teach the next generations of landscapers how to navigate through the industry.

Ashley, Summer of 2011
Colorado State University

Cocal not only gave me an unforgettable learning experience but taught me how to become a driven and successful professional.

I am also grateful to say that my supervisor, Stacy Parcell, has become a reliable mentor since my internship and I can count on her for advice in any situation.

Mina, Summer of 2010
University of Georgia

CoCal gave me a hands-on experience on how a competitive landscape company operates in this industry; from installation to estimating to managing projects. The experience I gained has helped me succeed through my education and into a professional career.

Jeff, Summer of 2009
Colorado State University