Change Your Landscape With Help From Co-Cal

Even with the most careful planning, blueprinting and editing you may discover that you’ve made a mistake in the choice of placement in your landscape design. Maybe you misjudged how big a particular tree or piece of shrubbery would grow to be, or perhaps you have made an addition to your home and the greenery just doesn’t fit now. But you still love the plant and you want to keep it. The answer may be to have it transplanted to another part of your landscape.

“We’ll just move it!” sounds so easy, but actually there’s a lot more that goes into a transplant than you might imagine. That’s why most people turn to the experts who have the know how and equipment to do the best job.

You may have in mind what you think would be the perfect place for the transplant, but there are some practical aspects that you may have overlooked or that you are not aware of. A professional landscaper will point out that you must pick a place where the soil is appropriate for the tree or shrub to thrive. He will test the pH levels and make sure that there is a good source for drainage nearby and that the plant will get the right amount of exposure to both sun and shade.

There will be some feeder root loss during the transplanting process, it is unavoidable. The best way to get the plant ready for transplant is to prune the roots a few months before you are ready to move it. Pruning will increase root growth so that the plant will be better able to absorb the loss. If it hasn’t been done your landscaper may suggest postponing the transplant until the roots have been pruned and given time to reproduce.

The experts recommend late winter or early spring as the best times to transplant so the timing is perfect to call Co-Cal Landscape today @ 303-578-4788 and get advice about changes in your landscape.

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