Choose A Color Scheme That Suits You

Color is an important part of any design. Along with the other elements that define art such as shape and character, color is particularly essential in landscape architecture. The proper application of color can help guide the eye toward the focal point of a landscape plan, if that’s what the designer intends. Creating a center of attention can direct the spotlight instead of overwhelming the view. A colorful bed of flowers can serve as a vivid centerpiece.

Your landscape designer may ask you what kind of color scheme you would prefer. He will be referring to the different shades of primary and secondary colors. There are specific color schemes and can each be used to provide a particular atmosphere for your landscape. A monochromatic color scheme for instance, is based on one color and is enhanced using the various values of that color. Another color scheme you may want to consider for your landscape is the pastel. A pastel color scheme might include subdued colors like those found in the more neutral shades of silver, for instance. Pastels contribute to a soft delicate ambiance. There are six schemes in all to choose from.

The blooms on shrubs and plants aren’t the only source of color available to you. The foliage on some of them will actually outshine the flowers. A plant with variegated leaves can fit very well into the right color scheme. Your landscaper will know just how to incorporate them.

Some plants provide different colors as the seasons change so that they adapt well to many color schemes. A landscape specialist will know which plants will clash and which will harmonize with your plan and you can sit back and enjoy the transitions.

Evergreens as their name denotes, stay green year round and can serve you well as the constant color in your landscape. Even deciduous trees can contribute to the landscape with the starkness of their bare brown limbs.

Color programs are one of the factors that Co-Cal Landscape designers like to concentrate on. Trust their experience to be able to envision how your landscape plans can come to life. Call Co-Cal @ 303-578-4788.

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