Co-Cal Landscapers Care About The Environment

Why not hire a landscape company that is as concerned with conserving the environment as they are with enhancing your landscape? The two goals seem to have a natural connection in that they both involve looking after the resources that nature has provided us.

“Sustainable landscaping” is all about designing and installing the elements of a landscape in ways that will promote their growth but at the same time contributing to the welfare of our natural environment. This can be done for example,by planting trees and shrubs that produce enough oxygen to offset harmful carbon dioxide fumes in the air.

Anything that prevents us from having to keep the air conditioner grinding away on a hot summer day will save money and energy. Flowers and greenery take in a lot of the sun’s heat reducing the amount that is directed into our homes. A healthy carpet of grass even feels cooler than the bare ground.

There is more than one kind of pollution. Excessive noise can affect the general scheme of nature as well as the quality of human life. The right kind of plants placed strategically in a landscape design can help to block out some sources of noise pollution.

Water conservation is an important step in contributing to a healthy environment. A local landscaper will be familiar with the types of vegetation most likely to thrive in the natural climate of the landscape setting. He will use his knowledge to install those plants that will get along well with the consistency of the soil and not require a lot of extra watering. Plants that are indigenous to the area will be better able to flourish without the help of pesticides or heavy fertilizers.

Part of the job that the CoCal work crews perform is to remove what remains after all the pruning and shaping has been done. These clippings are processed into a compost material that can be returned to the soil as a reconditioner. The mowers that they use to cut the grass are equipped with bags to catch and preserve the cuttings which are added to the compost heap.

Work with the professionals that share your environmental concerns. Call Co-Cal Landscape @ 303-223-4788.

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