CoCal is a Well-Known Landscaper in Denver

An “Oriental Garden” is made to emphasize nature’s own peace and tranquility. CoCal Landscape can create this kind of an atmosphere to enjoy at your leisure, for your own home.

Traditionally, oriental gardens include some kind of water display, like a fountain, or softly bubbling brook – fish ponds are often featured. Waterfalls work well in yards that have natural slopes, and can eliminate some of the leveling work that usually comes with landscaping. A waterfall or stream can be highlighted by a footbridge, possibly made of bamboo.

The particular placement of stones is thought of as a form of art in the Orient. Mixing some large and other smaller pieces, the CoCal landscapers in Denver will use groupings to compliment the landscape, and set it off with lighting from oil, or solar-powered lanterns.

The CoCal Landscape designers will work with you and your ideas to devise your beautifully original garden: 303-578-4788.

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