CoCal is the Commercial landscaper in Denver

“Streetscapes” incorporate that area of a city street from the curbside to the building fronts. Civic leaders strive to make a commercial neighborhood a pleasant environment for everyday business people, and tourists to the area. CoCal can create an attractive streetscape using wrought iron benches, for instance, and large pottery planters filled with colorful blooms, or greenery.

A downtown street scene may accommodate outdoor cafes, with their picturesque umbrella tables, vendor carts, and sidewalk entertainment. Sections of lawn, complete with flowering shrubs, and trees for shade can be factored in to add to the character of the vicinity. Set it all off with the unique lighting of streetlamps for a distinctive night time effect.

CoCal Landscape, Commercial Landscaper in Denver, can make all this a reality for your downtown streetscape. The landscape designers at CoCal will have a lot more ideas – call them, and find out: 303-578-4788.

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