CoCal Landscape is the Irrigation in Denver Expert

Use the right irrigation system for your particular landscape. A “drip” system is ideal for individual watering.

In- ground sprinkler heads can be mobilized to provide a spray of mist that can radiate up to 15 feet. Rotor sprinklers are best for a more widespread area – they can water vegetation in a diameter of up to 60 feet. Consider using more than one type of sprinkler system for different garden areas.

A “soaker hose” can be stretched between rows of garden flowers, or vegetables. They are lined with perforations that release water to the plants when the water source is turned on. The hose can be covered with mulch if you want to hide it.

Get garden tips, and learn more about irrigation in Denver from the experts at CoCal Landscape. They can give you suggestions for the maintenance of your healthy garden. Call for answers to your questions: 303-578-4788.

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