CoCal Landscaping in Denver Works With PLANET

The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) is associated with the “Come Alive Outside” campaign, which was started by Jim Paluch, in 2010 to get people everywhere moving outdoors and participating in physical activities. CoCal has joined the operation.

CoCal Landscaping in Denver can provide green spaces that will make everyone want to enjoy being outside. Greenscapes can be incorporated into commercial complexes that can accommodate employee sports events and picnics. Community parks and recreational facilities can also benefit by professional landscaping.

The Come Alive Outside project encourages hiking, biking, camping, any activity that will get families out of the house and having fun together in the great outdoors. Right now CoCal work crews are busy reviving the soccer playing field on the Auraria Higher Educational Center campus in downtown Denver. Visit the website, to keep track of their progress.

CoCal is proud to partner with organizations like PLANET for the improvement of the community environment. Support this interaction, and call CoCal landscaping in Denver for your landscape plans, and any project ideas you may want to contribute; 303-578-4788.

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