CoCal Residential Landscaper In Denver Can Design A Perfect Garden Plan

If you live on a street with “parking strips,” those spaces between the sidewalks, and the street, why not dress yours up with a perfect garden plan from CoCal? CoCal landscapers can suggest low maintenance plants that will bloom to add color, and beauty to your little piece of the street.

Your residential landscaper in Denver can also get you started with the best composting material. CoCal makes their own compost from the leftovers from commercial maintenance jobs, and they are glad to share the rich nutrients with their residential customers. The folks at CoCal will send you home with just the right plants and flowers – and don’t forget the mulch – along with ideas and design arrangements to make your landscape the envy of your neighborhood.

If you live in a HOA zone, be sure to check on any restrictions that might apply before you start work on your parking strip, then come to CoCal, your residential landscaper in Denver for that perfect plan. Call them at 303-578-4788.

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