CoCal Uses Rock Landscaping In Denver

Rock landscaping is a special interest undertaking at CoCal Landscape. Designers can use various sizes of stones and rock, and integrate them into a landscape to create the most natural effect.

Smaller stones can be used in place of mulch, and gravel can replace some grassy areas – a good way to cut down on the need for so much watering. Ground cover rock is good for open areas between shrubs, and small flowering trees. CoCal can coordinate the color, and texture of the rock to complement landscaping in Denver.

If you’re going for a more imposing look, boulders can be very impressive. The landscape pros at CoCal know how to place the boulders appropriately, among similarly sized pieces of the landscape, and set them to appear as they would in a natural habitat.

There are so many more ideas for rock landscaping in Denver – call CoCal today and find out what all they have to offer: 303-578-4788.

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