Commercial Landscaper in Denver that providers Color Programs

We know that a stunning annual color program can increase the curb appeal and marketability of your property and have a positive impact on the immediate environment. CoCal’s signature color palettes will POP in the sea of green grass and accent the focal areas of your property. Studies show that people who are surrounded by colorful floral displays are much more productive, happier and in some cases, color displays have been shown to reduce anxiety. Many healthcare facilities are incorporating healing gardens into their landscapes to promote a sense of peace and to promote healing. Let’s face it, flowers just brighten your day whether you’re pulling into your favorite shopping center, office or neighborhood. Why wouldn’t you want stunning annual color on your property?

We can make a unique arrangement for each season, which will allow you to display the four different seasons. Our staff will install and restore the landscape at the appropriate times. We will work on a schedule that works best for you to make the necessary changes. Summer gardens will offer bright and vibrant colors that attract the eye. These gardens will need greater amounts of sunlight in order to flourish. Spring gardens will have flowers that are more susceptible to colder temperatures than the summer arrangements. As the temperatures decrease we will make sure to place in plants that will be able to sustain the cold air. Through the winter we will plant bushes and flower beds that can be preserved throughout the cold, Colorado winters. These arrangements will be appealing and make sure to brighten up the garden even throughout the winter months.

Please contact CoCal Landscape if you have any questions as to how we can assist you or if you are ready to add some color to your commercial property. We look forward to hearing from you.