Great Commercial Landscaping Maintenance in Denver since 1992.

As one of Colorado’s most award-winning commercial landscape companies, we manage every aspect of commercial landscape maintenance for a wide range of valued customers such as municipalities, retail centers, corporate campuses, metropolitan districts, healthcare facilities and homeowner associations. We strive to deliver high-quality services and products specifically meeting the needs of each and every customer. We understand the appeal of a well-maintained landscape and the value it adds to your property. CoCal is known for horticultural knowledge, innovative problem solving, high safety standards and a great track record for outstanding work in Colorado since 1992. With CoCal, you will work with seasoned professionals who are dedicated to your landscape needs.

CoCal provides commercial landscaping maintenance packages in order to make landscaping hassle-free for our clients. We work closely with our customers to establish a plan that best fits their needs and budget. Through our landscape management program, we service your lawn, plants, flowers. We evaluate the current landscape and work with our clients to enhance their property by adding color and design. CoCal inspects the property to establish a personal plan for your lawn care maintenance. CoCal is aware that an impressive landscape can alter the value of the property and it is best to keep it in immaculate shape.

CoCal stays in contact with the client from season to season to determine what the client would like and if any changes need to be made to the maintenance plan. We provide landscapes that will look their best from season to season.

Every season has different lawn care needs. In the spring and fall aeration helps revive lawns. Aeration is important because it allows the necessary nutrients to reach the grassroots to make any lawn thicker and more vibrant. Aeration also helps fill in any thin spots in your lawn. As a result of our horticultural knowledge, we help establish the right fertilizer for your specific needs. We understand that soil in various locations can differ due to the climate and the ever-changing need for water. We are specialists in determining what type of fertilizer will maximize a healthy lawn and minimize the growth of weeds. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall we provide pruning services to keep your trees and bushes looking their best. Our expertise in pruning bushes assures an attractive look to your landscape.

With the changing seasons and environment insects and diseases can negatively affect plants. We are experts at identifying and treating any type of problem that may occur. We make sure that our employees are trained in the most current techniques and trends to assure that your lawn is in good care. The company is always available for questions and guidance. Please contact our company at 303-531-6877 for more information on how we can provide you with a spectacular lawn.