Water Management

Water, water everywhere? Not so much in Colorado’s semi-arid climate. CoCal will manage your landscape water requirements to help you manage your budget. Water is our most precious resource and it is up to everyone to be conscientious and conserve it. Utilizing the latest technology available, we can help you save millions of gallons of water and thousands of dollars. Our WaterRight Department was established in 2001 to address the water conservation required during Colorado’s severe drought. As the metropolitan area continues to grow and water storage is increased, water costs have risen dramatically and continue to rise. It is critical that we remain conscious of water usage from both environmental and financial standpoints. We are certified to perform water audits in order to help you find simple, inexpensive adjustments to create water savings now. We can also create long-range plans for completely retrofitting your system as a capital investment. You may be surprised how quickly you realize the ROI of a total system overhaul!