Complement The Architecture

Whatever kind of impression you want to make on your business clients and associates the landscape of your commercial site should complement it.

An experienced landscaper will tell a business owner that one of the most important features of a commercial building is its entryway. If space allows a tree lined driveway can provide a grand entrance to any building. A walkway bordered by brightly colorful bloomers will draw the attention of the visitor and serve as a living welcome mat. The doorway itself might be flanked by tastefully chosen urns or planters overflowing with grasses and handsome foliage.

But don’t stop at the front door. A lobby decorated with ferns and flowering plants sends the message that the business owner cares about the appearance of his property both inside and out.

The architecture of the building should always be considered. Your landscaper can suggest trees and shrubs that will blend in and enhance the design. The right plants will complement the texture and color of the exterior of a building.

If your building site is one of considerable acreage a large amount of that space may be used to display beautiful, well manicured lawns interspersed with flowering ground covers for contrast.

Experience goes a long way in creating a beautiful commercial landscape design. The landscaper who is familiar with the local environment will be able to suggest which trees or what types of flowering shrubs will be more likely to thrive and contribute to an enduring landscape.

Whether your landscape design is elaborate or less complicated proper maintenance is essential to keep it in tiptop shape. CoCal Landscape in Denver offers maintenance packages to go along with their landscape designs. Businessmen and women in Denver and the surrounding area can rely on CoCal to make certain that the outdoor landscape of their commercial site gets the care and attention necessary for it to develop and thrive. Call 303-578-4788 to confer with a CoCal rep today.

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