Container Landscaping Can Be Just As Satisfying

Maybe you don’t have a lot of space, or the ideal soil for planting, but you do have a green thumb and an appreciation for a beautiful landscape. The answer may well be container plants, and the varieties to choose from are seemingly endless. You could make a theme of rustic planters which are very popular right now, or you could select each planter for its individual uniqueness. An artistic eye can spot just the right pot or flower box that will be perfect for a particular space.

There are some practical matters to consider when choosing your containers. Be sure to get one big enough to accommodate the plant that you have in mind at its full maturity. You can use the tag on the plant to tell you how big it will get and how much space it will need to grow properly. If you can’t be sure, opt for the bigger sized container that will allow plenty of room for the roots and may mean less frequent watering.

When you get your containers home, make a plan for where you would like to see each one. Once you have decided on location, plant each container where it will stand. Do this because when the dirt and flowers or greenery are added the container may be too heavy to move without the help of a nursery dollie. Remember to keep in mind how much sunlight the plant will get every day – here again you can refer to the ID tag on the plant. Never use soil from your yard or garden as it may harbor weeds or insects. Select an appropriate potting soil instead. A nursery employee can advise you.

Experts may recommend that you begin by adding soil to your pot to fill it about halfway. If you’re using a separate fertilizer add it next, then water it well and give the soil a day or so to dry some. Now you are ready to plant!

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