Container Plantings For Early Spring

The traditional rule of thumb is to wait until Mother’s Day to do your spring planting in order to avoid the threat of a late season frost. But springtime is also a season for change and rejuvenation and a great time for apartment dwellers looking for a new location to get out and about. Property managers will want to put their best foot forward to attract these potential tenants. The look of the landscape is one of the first things they will notice.

The condition of the grassy areas of the landscape will depend on the extremeness of the recent winter weather. Ice accumulation, heavy snows, hail or a freeze, thaw and refreeze cycle may have caused permanent damage. A representative from your landscape contractor will be able to tell which areas will green up well and which may need some re-seeding.

Your landscaping designer has no doubt included some early spring bloomers in the color scheme of his plan. Container plants are a good way to showcase those blooms and greenery as they continue to blossom. Looking ahead to spring landscapers often plant container bulbs in the fall. Tulips and hyacinths produce beautiful early spring blooms.

What kinds of containers make the perfect venue for the early flowers of spring? Once again, first impressions matter. The entryway of an apartment complex is the first glimpse of the environment that the potential residents see. An experienced designer will make sure that the effect is imposing. An ornamental planter brimming with vivid colors and vibrant greenery is a definite asset to the curb appeal of any commercial property.

A sense of character can bring an intimate appeal to what could otherwise be seen as a sprawling complex of stone and concrete. Stylishly designed planters can add a touch of class to the look while a more rustic pattern could give the property a down home atmosphere. Your landscape planner will have considered the ambiance that the property is attempting to promote in his original design.

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