Danger For Landscape in Denver

Colorado lawns are susceptible to fungal disease. Finding it fast, and identifying its’ classification is important for control. The most common culprit for Colorado is “Necrotic Ring Spot.” It grows best in an arid climate, and especially likes bluegrass.

Look for areas of seemingly dead grass, or bruised blades. Containment with chemical processes, and deep watering can help to decrease the damage to a landscape in Denver. Mow high and let the clippings provide mulch, the fungus won’t transfer.

If you suspect that NRS, or any other type of lawn fungus is attacking your grasses, call CoCal Landscape. They will send someone out to inspect your lawn and recommend treatment. CoCal has been in the business of caring for Colorado lawns and landscapes for almost 20 years. Trust their experience and knowledge to treat your lawn: 303-578-4788.

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