Do The Research Before You Commit

A commercial property manager is a busy, busy person. He’s responsible for seeing to it that all phases of the business run smoothly and he has to answer to the owner when something goes awry. One of the more visual parts of any business is the maintenance of its outdoor space. It’s the first thing that potential clients see and the impression that they get in those first few minutes will stick.

This busy property manager that we refer to is in charge of maintaining the landscape of the business site so as to impress the business owner, board of directors and often the people who have an invested interest in the operation. He has to be sure that he is getting the best landscape maintenance service that there is.

Our property manager will begin by researching a few of the better-established service companies in the area. He will ask for reviews of current customers and visit the various sites that the landscape companies provide service to. An internet website is an excellent source of information.

As the property manager in charge of putting a landscape maintenance plan in motion, he must be sure that his intentions are understood. A landscape company representative will look over the property and put together a proposal outlining the particular services that they are equipped to offer. The manager can then consider the proposal and pose any questions or concerns that he may have.

It’s important that everyone’s expectations and responsibilities be understood before terms are agreed upon. Every detail should be noted in writing, nothing should be presumed. If the contract includes a snow removal service, for instance, there should be a timetable concerning when the equipment should be on site, whether or not the snow can be stockpiled there and any other stipulations that either party may require.

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