Enhance The Outdoor Space Of Your Business Location

You don’t have to own a sprawling multi construction complex to want to inspire clients or customers with the curb appeal of your business. A single office building or retail store deserves the artistic touch that a professional landscape service can provide.

A landscape architect will draw up a plan with consideration to the architecture of the building and making allowances for future alterations. He will want to meet with you on site in order to get an understanding of what you have in mind for the landscape scheme of your location.

A landscape design doesn’t necessarily have to be elaborate in order to impress, but if you’re going to splurge on one specific area of your commercial business site, make it the entryway. That’s what people see from the street and it provides that all important first impression for potential clients who are visiting your business for the first time. Your landscaper may suggest a splash of color or a water feature as a focal point.

The main purpose of any landscape is to draw the eye of the beholder to the aesthetic value of the property but there are some practical concerns that should be taken into consideration when designing a landscape plan. An experienced planner knows that the elements of the landscape have to be in accord with the space. There has to be room for the growth expectancy of the landscape. Overhanging branches or leaves that fall and gather on the walkways can become safety factors for customers and employees entering your building.

A business is in operation year round and its landscape should accentuate each season. A landscaper who is familiar with your geographical climate will be able to select the trees and flowering shrubs that will flourish accordingly.

Don’t forget the issue of maintenance. CoCal Landscape in Denver can incorporate a program for maintenance control into your landscape plan. Call 303-578-4788 today to speak to a representative and put that plan into motion.

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