What Do You Expect From Your Commercial Landscaper?

Taking on the task of hiring a professional landscaping company is only one of the many responsibilities that go with the position of a commercial property manager. It is however, at the top of the list for relevance considering that the outdoor space of any business location is the first thing a potential client or a customer will see and first impressions tend to stay with us.

A certain amount of research work will need to be done. You will want to make sure that licensing and certification records are current. How long has the landscape company been in business? If it is well established in the community you can assume that the owner and employees are familiar with the local environment and know what species of trees, grasses and shrubbery will thrive in the conditions. Awards and recognition from respected associates are always impressive.

The secret to the successful outcome of a landscape design is in the planning. The designer should ask for a personal tour of the property so that he will be acquainted with every aspect of the site before he sits down at the drawing board. Knowing if the area is mainly shaded or if it enjoys full sun will be a determining factor in choosing the flowering plants and greenery that is most apt to thrive there.

Be specific about your expectations. Most companies will be able to offer several different service packages. If you require year round maintenance for instance, be sure that snow removal is included along with mowing and trimming. It’s important that you and your contractor be on the same page from the get go.

CoCal Landscape has been providing services to businessmen and women in the Denver area since 1992. Company achievements include various recognition’s from esteemed associations in the field. Browse the website www.cocal.com to read about the honors that they have received. Call 303-531-6930 to speak directly with a customer service representative.

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