A First Impression Should Be A Good One

People who are enthusiastic about staying fit and looking their best also tend to care about the beautification of the environment. When they pull up in front of the local spa/gym for instance, they like to be welcomed by a lovely entryway and pleasant surroundings. A property manager of such a facility is concerned about the image that the building site projects to current and prospective members.

Landscape engineers at CoCal Landscape in Denver know how important a first impression can be. They will consider signage issues and hard-scape details along with the foliage and flowers used to create a unique outdoor space.

Advertising is a huge factor for any business. The sign out front can have quite an impact so the landscape should complement the design of the promotional aspect of the building. Landscapers must consider size, design and visual range in their design. Property managers want the business logo to be noticeable for passersby as well as for first time clients to the location, they don’t want the landscaping treatment to overshadow it. Plants and shrubs must be chosen with maintenance issues and potential growth in mind.

CoCal creations often include colorful flower beds in the design plan for an impelling entrance way. Designers like to work with both perennials and annuals to generate a year round color program that will add to the ambiance of the site whatever the season.

Adequate parking space is a must for any commercial enterprise, but a parking lot is not the most attractive feature of a property. Placement is one of the most important elements of design. The professional landscape designers at CoCal can create a living screen of greenery that will serve to downplay the more practical aspects of the commercial site and draw attention to the aesthetic qualities.

If you’re ready for a complete landscape makeover or if you want to add something special to an existing one call CoCal Landscape in Denver @ 303-578-4788. You will be impressed with the experience and talents of the landscape designers here.

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