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When you want to look your best you’re careful about the way you dress. When the colors you’re wearing compliment each other and the textures of the clothes you choose go together you feel more confident of your appearance and the impression that you will make on others.

Planning your landscape design is similar to picking your wardrobe in that shape, texture and color are all important aspects that must be considered. If you want a plan that will give your landscape the beauty and symmetry through all the seasons of the year you should consider consulting with the experts of a noteable nursery and landscape business in your area.

Professional landscape designers can advise you about the plants and shrubs that will produce the effect that you are looking for. A designer will come to your home and walk with you through the landscape to get a definite perspective of your expectations. He may start by asking you about your color preferences. Color can influence the feel of your entire landscape. Cool colors like blue and green contribute to an atmosphere of calm and serenity while the more riotous shades of orange, red or yellow tend to exhilarate the observer.

Color can be deeply intense or delicately pastel and can be used to influence the spatial effect of your landscape. A small backyard can be made to appear larger by using purple lilacs or blue hydrangeas whereas bright gold daylilies can seem to centralize a landscape. If your white flowers are mixed with various colors they will seem brighter than if they are planted in a background of dark greenery.

Don’t dismiss the appeal of vegetation. Not all foliage is green, many plants have variegated leaves that are as attractive as any flower. Ornamental grasses come in colors as well.

Winter doesn’t have to mean that your outdoor space will be bleak and colorless. There are some types of bushes that bear red berries throughout the cold weather months and they go well with the barks of the large trees in the yard.

Visit Co-Cal Landscape in Denver at for the advice that can give you a lovely landscape scheme that you can enjoy year round.

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