Give Your New Lawn Every Chance To thrive

If you’re planning to seed your lawn with a “cool season” grass such as Kentucky Blue late summer is the time. You’ll want to allow enough time for the grass to take hold before the first frost hits it.

Before you seed make sure to lay the groundwork, so to speak. Taking steps to get the soil ready to receive the seed will prove to be worth the time you spend doing it. Too many homeowners are disappointed in the outcome of their lawn due to a lack of preparation. Do the weeding and make sure that there is adequate drainage.

Cool season grasses will need to be watered during very hot weather. You can expect a growth surge in the Fall and again in the Spring. Once the grass is well established it will stay green throughout the Winter months.

If you’re in it for the long haul you should definitely have a soil test done to determine scientifically exactly what kinds of supplements you should be feeding your grass. The test will establish what type of soil you have and what you can do if it needs improvement. An ideal soil composition will be able to retain moisture but also allow for the drain off of any surplus water. You can buy a soil testing kit at your local garden center.

The test will tell you the ph factor of your soil. Grass will grow best in a somewhat caustic environment so you will look for a ph factor of between 6 and 7. To increase the acidity of the soil you can add peat moss to it. You will want to test the soil in several different areas of your lawn taking into consideration whether a particular spot gets a lot of shade or if another is exposed to the sun for several hours of the day.

If your home has just been constructed your lawn may have lost some topsoil during the process. This lost soil layer can be replaced, but landscapers will advise that it be aerated so that nutrients can get through.

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