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Springtime in Colorado is a wondrous season. One day it’s snowing and the next it’s positively balmy. That’s great for the people who live here, but what effects can the extreme weather changes have on our vegetation? If we choose trees and plants that are known survivors of a changing climate we have a much better chance of seeing them thrive in our hard to predict weather conditions.

Cherry trees provide beautiful spring blossoms and an abundant crop is soon to follow. These fruit trees are comparatively small in size and conform well to the average backyard.

If you’re preference lies with ornamental trees the Dogwood is an excellent choice for the Colorado Front Range. It is a late spring bloomer so that is is less likely to be affected by an unexpected freeze. Some species continue to provide color in the fall of the year.

The Russian Hawthorne does well in all seasons. We can enjoy the white blossoms that emerge in the spring, the green foliage of summer and then look forward to the colorful leaves and berries that produce in the fall. The bark of the Hawthorne remains yellow in color throughout the winter months.

Colorado summers can be intense. We can get some relief from the heat with the shade of a well established tree. Elm trees are particularly suited to the Front Range environment. They do best in a spacious area. If you like to observe the local wildlife consider planting the Chinkapin variety of the Oak tree. Chinkapin produce the acorns that attract squirrels, foxes and rabbits.

The beautiful Blue Spruce is indigenous to Colorado. It can grow to an impressive height of well over 70 feet and does well in partial to full shade. Their cone shape makes them ideal candidates for outdoor Christmas decorating.

There’s no better source of advice than a professional landscaper who is familiar with the climate and soil conditions of your local landscape. CoCal Landscape has been serving the Denver area for twenty-five years. Call 303-578-4788 to consult with a representative.

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