Good Maintenance Is A Must

Curb appeal is a phrase you often hear from real estate brokers when they talk about the importance of how a buyer perceives a property.  First impressions are also influential in convincing potential clients to do business with your corporation or making first time renters want to live in your apartment home complex.  Any kind of promotion will be more successful if it can be presented in pleasantly attractive surroundings.

The landscape design of a commercial property can be a determining factor when it comes to customer allure but no matter how extravagant it may be a landscape has to be properly maintained.  Nothing is less appealing that a weedy, rundown entryway, it can truly detract from an otherwise well established enterprise.

Whether you’re looking to create a landscape design for a new business location or if you just want to put a new face on an older plan, you have to make sure that you contract with a landscape company that can incorporate a maintenance plan into the contract.  

Organize your thoughts so that you can make your expectations clear to your contractor from the beginning.  If you want to replace some basic elements of your landscape have some kind of plan in mind but also ask your landscaper if your ideas are actually feasible and be open to his professional opinions.  You may not be aware of certain soil conditions or  sun exposure that the plants you have chosen will need.

If you don’t live on the property site or if you aren’t always available to make on the spot decisions make sure that your landscape contractor has the contact information for someone who can take the responsibility.

One of the best ways to judge the competence of any business is to hear the opinions of those who have benefitted by its services.  Ask the contractors that you are considering for references and follow up on them by visiting the commercial sites that they maintain.
Read the recent customer reviews on the Co-Cal Landscape website, And call 303-647-5509 in Denver for a personal consultation.  

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