Green Landscape Companies In Denver Are Changing The Way You Look At Your Lawn

A lot of companies claim to be green these days. But their idea of going green is simply eliminating paper from their companies, doing everything digitally. CoCal Landscaping takes it further than most. Their idea of going green is recycling everything they use and repurposing it. This attitude of nothing is trash permeates everything they do. They are even able to recycle the oil and antifreeze from their equipment and use it in their shops. All of the branches and leaves and grass that they collect gets turned into compost and then reused on future projects. They are the most innovative of the green landscape companies in Denver.

CoCal has even gone so far as to eliminate one hundred and three gas-guzzling mowers from their fleet and replaced those with top of the line John Deer propane powered mowers. This cuts down their pollution by fifty percent!

Not all of the green landscape companies in Denver are as forward thinking as CoCal. They believe in doing everything they can to make a difference. Call them today to find out how you can be a part of their amazing work.

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