Green Landscaper in Denver Makes Their Own Compost

CoCal Landscape recycles the debris left over from their landscape maintenance jobs to produce a rich organic compost. The leaves, prunings, and clippings are collected to make the compost, which is then used by the landscapers in the various projects that they will take on.

Compost improves the texture of the soil – it can lighten heavy clay soil, and improve the water retention ability of sandy soil. It also controls erosion, makes soil more fertile, for better plant growth, and contributes to a healthy root system.

A lot of yard waste materials go to a landfill, or are destroyed by incineration. Both processes can produce harmful gases into the environment. CoCal is a green landscaper in Denver, and is concerned with the condition of the air we breathe. They are equipped to handle the aeration, and other procedures necessary to produce the best compost.

Care for the environment, call CoCal for all your landscaping plans; 303-531-6901

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