Green Landscaping Companies In Denver Do Their Own Composting

Compost is made up of organic waste materials, and landscape scraps. Knowing what materials, and how much to mix for the best results come with the experience of trial and error. You don’t want too much carbon, over using nitrogen will increase the odor factor.

A shredder will help leaves decompose, but be careful about the types of leaves you use – avoid toxics. Your local CoCal experts can advise you about which to use, and what to stay away from.

CoCal is among the green landscaping companies in Denver. They do their own composting, using the debris collected from the various commercial sites that they service throughout the year. Mower bags pick up grass and leaves for use in the compost, and work crews add removed soil and prunings. The materials are combined to produce a nutrient rich composition, which CoCal customers benefit from.

Ask more about composting, and get answers from one of the better known green landscaping companies in Denver. Call CoCal @ 303-578-4788.

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