A Ground Cover may Just Be The Answer

A business site can consist of a lot of acreage, not all of which will be suitable for growing a lush green lawn. Commercial landscapers must take this into consideration and find an alternative choice that will be just as attractive if not more so. Ground covers to the rescue!

A ground cover can be a source of beauty as well as a practical means for dealing with problem areas and weed control. They can define a space or add a splash of color to an otherwise dull and dreary concrete walkway or parking space. There are many types of ground covers and many factors that must be taken into consideration in deciding which one will thrive in a particular locale.

The consistency of the soil for instance, has to be appropriate to the needs of the plant. Landscapers prefer to find the kind of ground cover that is most suitable for the soil so that it isn’t necessary to spend an unreasonable amount of time or money adapting the soil to receive the plants. Sun or shade? There are grounds cover suitable for both extremes and others that thrive easily in a partial shade/sun environment.

An evergreen ground cover may be more suitable for a cold weather climate. Decorative ground covers will lose their color during the winter months. If an apartment complex manager for instance, is looking for something that will be attractive to prospective tenants all year round a landscaper may use a hardy Juniper variety that will continue to thrive when the harsh weather hits.

Maintenance is another concern. Even though the site may employ a commercial quality sprinkler system it can get pricey to have to water an extensive piece of property in order to keep the ground cover alive. The Juniper “Bar Harbor” provides year round color and will thrive even in drought conditions.

The landscape professionals of Co-Cal are familiar with the types of ground cover that are most adaptable to the Colorado environment. Property managers have been relying on Co-Cal for their landscape needs over the past 25 years. Call today @ 303-531-6930.

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