It Can Be Fun To Plan Early

This time of year when it’s cold and snowy outside may be a good time to daydream about the plans you have for your springtime and summer gardens. No matter what you have in mind every garden needs an attractive border to set it off. Since there are so many variations that can be used, it may be helpful to consider some of the basic elements that go into making up the outermost edge of a garden.

Fringe flowers have become a popular choice for creating a pretty garden border. The blooms can be white, pink or purple to complement the green foliage. The more intense purple color comes with a deeper green vegetation. You can control the size and shape of the plants or just let them flourish on their own for a more natural effect. Use fringe flowers in varying heights to create a unique border.

Accent and echo color choices are important in the creation of a standout garden decor. You can stick with a coordinating color scheme or go ahead and mix it up. Some colors naturally compliment each other but you may be surprised at the effect that using opposites may produce.

Shape is also a consideration. You may use a straight edged border for a more symmetrical look or you may prefer a curved molding to add a less balanced element. Different shapes and forms may be used throughout a garden to separate particular segments that have been designated for particular purposes. One tip: lay out a garden hose or a line of landscaping twine to see how the different shapes may actually appear as designs before you decide.

Herbaceous perennials are a perfect choice for border flowers. They come into bloom in the spring and last through the summer months, then lie dormant until the next spring. Once they take hold the flowers will thrive successfully with very little maintenance other than culling out the dead blooms.

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