Keep Lines Of Communication Open

Most commercial property owners have many irons in fire. They often own more than one business or rental complex with sites in various parts of the country. Since it is impossible to be in two places at the same time, businessmen and women hire property managers to oversee the everyday operations of the enterprise and take responsibility for the building and grounds maintenance. One of the major duties of the commercial manager is the outdoor landscape of the property. What should he be looking for when choosing a company to restore or upgrade the look of the site?

A commercial landscape company should start by researching the client’s business site. They will send an account representative to scout the property with the manager to determine the terrain, soil conditions, areas of specific concern and what type of focal points would best complement the architecture of the buildings.

When the landscape designers have put together a plan they will draw up sketches illustrating the way the project will look when completed. The company representative and the property manager will meet again to go over the blueprint and discuss any additions or changes that might be appropriate. It’s important that the representative assigned to the project will be the one to follow it through to the end.

A property manager should be clear about the maintenance that will be required. When that has been discussed the landscape representative should present a comprehensive account of what will be done and a time frame for the start and completion of each service along with a cost estimate. A payment method can be agreed upon at this point.

A well established landscape company should be easily accessible to clients and vice versa. Issues may arise that will need immediate attention or call for an on the spot decision. Reliable contact information should be exchanged.

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